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Day Care Center Monitoring

Giving parents the ability to view their children, while they are at work or traveling anywhere in the world, provides significant value. It also demonstrates your complete confidence in the quality of care provided in your facility.

Parents will pay more to have this capability and the peace of mind that goes with it. As a day care provider, you also receive value since you can observe your care-giving staff to insure their compliance with your rules.

As more day care centers adopt this technology and use it to enhance their marketing efforts and to ease the increased anxieties of parents; you will find more parents who expect you to offer this service.

For a day care center, cameras should be positioned to view:

  • Teaching areas

  • Play areas (inside and outside)

  • Sleep areas

  • All entrances and exits

  • Parking and child pick-up areas.
        Daycare Cam

StarDot's Express 4 or Express 8 video server is a perfect match for day care center monitoring. The Express Video Servers are small standalone video servers with two, four or eight video inputs. Viewing any or all of the cameras is as simple as typing in its IP address in your web browser. No computer is required t the day care center -- only the Express Video Server, low-cost video cameras and an Internet connection are necessary. Express Video Servers can be viewed with a PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad as well as most Smart Phones.

StarDot Express Servers are compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone and Android.

StarDot provides a complete turnkey package. Give us a call at 1-888-782-7368, or fill out our Contact Form, and we'll be glad to put together a package for you, including the video server, cabling and cameras that best cover your day care center and we'll talk you through the simple installation process.