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Recording Software

StarDot NVR

Digital IP Video Recording Software for Windows Compatible with all StarDot devices as well as many third party devices

StarDot NVR turns StarDot network cameras and video servers (and many third party cameras) into a security system, all from your desktop PC.

Now it's simple to not only view all of your cameras from one centralized application, but you can also record and play back video from your PC's hard drive.

StarDot NVR is available in a 16- and 100-camera version.

Click here to download a 30 day trial of the NVR software.

Use the word 'demo' to activate your 30 day trial.

StarDot DVR 100 StarDot DVR 100 Software

Third Party NVR Software for NetCam SC/XL Cameras

Many third party NVR companies support StarDot's NetCam XL and NetCam SC cameras. For a complete list, please visit the Partners page at StarDot's Security Channel Services web site -