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Video Servers

Express Video Servers

2, 4 & 8-Channel Video Servers Converts 1 to 8 Analog Video Feeds for Viewing/Recording on Network

An Express Video Server is a great tool for remote employee management, day care centers, home/business security and anywhere else where the ability to remotely view video is needed. No computer is required to operate the Express Video Server and live video can be viewed with a PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad or Smart Phone.

The Express 8 is an eight channel video encoder. The Express 8 runs at 7.5 FPS per channel at D1 resolution. Total system frame rate is 60 FPS.

The Express 4 is a four channel video encoder with looping outputs. The Express 4 runs at 30 FPS per channel at D1 resolution. Total system frame rate is 120 FPS.

The Express 2 is a two channel video encoder designed for single or dual camera feeds. It can also be used with a higher quality S-Video source. For single camera applications, the 2nd BNC connector can be configured as a looping output. Single channel frame rate is 30 FPS. Dual channel frame rate is 5 FPS.

Compatible with Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.

StarDot Express Video Servers are compatible with all popular operating systems and browsers.