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Express Video Server Specifications


Feature Benefit
Standalone Operation The Express Video Servers do not require a computer in order to operate. They are standalone devices that plug directly into your home of office network.
Two, Four or Eight Video Inputs Three Express models give you the flexibility to stream live video from up to 8 cameras simultaneously.
Cost Effective Whether you want to view one video stream, eight video streams, or anything in between, the Express Video Servers offer an affordable way to view cameras on your network or over the Internet.
IP-Addressable Video streams and configuration menus can be viewed from anywhere by simply entering the IP address in a web browser.
Password-Protected Configuration menus and video streams are username/password protected to prevent unauthorized access.
Universally Compatible No special software or plug-ins are needed to access the Express Video Servers. Any web browser can be used, including browsers on Windows, MacOS, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and UNIX/Linux.
Triggered Smart Capture A sequence of images can be uploaded based on a triggered event (alarm system, internal motion detection, door sensor).
Built-In FTP Client The Express Video Servers can be configured to upload images to your web server based on a schedule you set. Each video channel operates independently.
Power Injected Cable Optional power/video cables are available. This is the key to easy installation. A single cable carries both power and video which means a wall outlet is not needed near the cameras and only one cable needs to run to each camera.
Date/Time Time/Date and custom text is printed directly on live video, flexible font size and positioning.
Accessories Compact Weather Module: Display current temperature, humidity and pressure on live video.
Home Automation: Remotely control home applicances and lights.
Complete Solution Express "Security Camera System in a Box" bundles are available. Includes video server, cameras, mounts, cables, power supplies and easy-to-follow instructions.
Warranty Limited 1-Year Warranty, Parts & Labor


Spec Detail
Image Compression Industry Standard Motion JPEG and JPEG
Frame Rate

Express 2: 1 x 30 FPS or 2 x 5 FPS
Express 4: 4 x 30 FPS
Express 8: 8 x 7.5 FPS or 4 x 30 FPS

Resolution NTSC: 702x480, 352x240, 176x120
PAL: 704x576, 352x288, 172x144
Video Inputs BNC composite video, NTSC, PAL or SECAM, BNC to RCA adatpers available, Express 2 also supports S-Video input.
Video Decoder Adaptive 2/4-line comb filter for two dimensional chrominance/luminance separation resulting in increased luminance and chrominance bandwidth for all PAL and NTSC standards as well as reduced cross color and cross luminance artifacts
Pre/Post Alarm Buffer Up to 4MB available for pre- and post-alarm buffer image storage (or 400 10KB images)
Network Connection 1 x 100-baseT Ethernet
CPU Motorola Coldfire 5407
Internal Operating System uClinux
Serial Connection 2 x RS-232 Ports, DB9, up to 115.2Kb/sec
I/O Connectors 3 x Digital Alarm Inputs
3 x 5V Swing Output Pins
1 x Fully Isolated Relay, 2A@5V or 0.5A@28VDC
Output is 5VDC@50mA
Memory 32MB DRAM, 4MB Flash Memory
Security Separate password-protected user accounts for administering the server and viewing the images, additional user accounts can be added
Operating Temperature -4°F to +120°F (-20°C - +49°C)
Dimensions Express 2
3.54" W (90 mm) x 1.7" H (43 mm) x 5.63" D (143 mm)
Express 4, Express 8
9.3" W (235 mm) x 1.8" H (45 mm) x 5.8" D (147 mm)
EMI Approval FCC Class A, CE (EN55024/1998, EN55022/1998)
Power Requirements 8VDC - 15VDC (1A@12V)