NetCam SC

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NetCam SC - Multi-Megapixel Hybrid IP Camera

NetCam SC

Why Should I buy the NetCam SC?

The NetCam SC features all of the amazing features of the NetCam XL, but also includes:-

  • Beyond High definition Resolution (Up to 5 Megapixel)
  • Video Out - Perfect for survelience monitoring
  • POE Capable - Keep cable clutter to a minimum, power via ethernet cable.
  • Optional Mechanical IR Filter - Use your NetCam SC Day and NIght!

Unprecedented Video Quality

Unlike other IP camera companies, StarDot's history is deeply embedded in digital image processing. We didn't take a network device and simply throw in some imaging hardware. We packed fourteen years of digital image processing into our StarDot Imaging Engine™ processor and combined it with network hardware specifically designed for video transmission, The end result is that the clarity, color balance and low light performance of the NetCam SC video is light years ahead of the pack. But don't take our word for it, see for yourself.


Five Models to Choose From

StarDot offers three different resolution NetCam SC models. All models support industry standard auto iris lenses and full screen, wide screen and portrait viewing modes, as well as complete control over image resolution, image quality and bandwidth consumption.

Model Part Maximum Resolution IR Filter? Max Frame Rate Price
NetCam SC 5MP IR CAM-SEC5IR-B 2592x1944 YES 30 FPS


NetCam SC 5MP CAM-SEC5-B 2592x1944 NO 30 FPS


NetCam SC 1MP IR CAM-SEC1IR-B 1296x960 YES 30 FPS


NetCam SC 1MP CAM-SEC1-B 1296x960 NO 30 FPS



View Your Camera From Anywhere in the World!

The NetCam SC is compatible with all of the devices below.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Andoid, Blackberry, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer