Solar and Wind Powered Camera Solutions

By combining a NetCam with a solar array and/or a wind powered generator with wireless communications, image capture is possible anywhere on the planet.

StarDot has demonstrated this ability with its ArcticCam, a NetCam, which is now operational with NOAA at the North Pole.

By combining a wind-powered generator capable of generating 400 watts in a 28 MPH wind, a solar array with 120-watt output at full sun, and rechargeable batteries, 24 hour operation is possible in most environmental conditions.

When 24-hour operation is not required, systems that only upload during daylight or selected parts of the day can be achieved with less elaborate systems.

While StarDot does not directly provide solar and wind hardware, we have partner companies that do. Please take a few seconds to fill out our Client Requirements Form so we can assist in providing you with a complete remote imaging solutions.