Wireless Compatibility

When it is not practical to use land lines to transmit live images or video, StarDot network cameras and video servers can run wirelessly.

Keep in mind that a wired connection is always preferable. Why? In most cases, wired is faster, cheaper, more reliable and more secure. And don't forget wireless is rarely ever truly wireless -- you still need to run a power line.

Having said that, there are situations where wireless is preferred or the only option. Read on to view Local, National and Global wireless solutions. Or if you have a specific application and would like us to do the legwork, take a few seconds to fill out our Client Requirements Form.

LOCAL: Wireless Ethernet

If the distance from your camera to the network is less than a few miles, we recommend the use of 802.11b technology, also known as "WiFi". This inexpensive and reliable technology allows you to place your NetCam or Express Video Server anywhere in the vicinity of your network without running network cable.

In outdoor installations, with line-of-sight between the appropriate antennas, distances upwards of 60 miles are possible. All data including images is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, both NetCam and the Express Video Server have password protection.

While StarDot does not directly offer WiFi equipment, many customers use StarDot NetCams with equipment from www.moonblink.com.


Sprint or Broadband Satellite

When your NetCam or Express Video Server is outside the range of the "WiFi" solution or you have a mobile application, Sprint offers wireless broadband service. This well established technology is available in most major markets across the U.S. Contact StarDot for more information.

If you're outside of the coverage area of Sprint, hope is not lost. StarDot Products can work in conjunction with broadband satellite systems by HughesNet and StarBand. Keep in mind these systems often require onsite installation by the service provider and an unobstructed view of the southern sky.


GLOBAL: Iridium Satellite

When your NetCam or Express Video Server is located in areas where there is no local cellular carrier, we offer global image capture through the Iridium low earth orbit satellite system. Satellite NetCams are deployed each year to the North Pole by NOAA and Stanford University deploys them to the South Pole.

So whatever your remote image capture problem is, wired or wireless, StarDot has a solution for you. Click here to tell us about your image capture needs and get a free consultation from a StarDot remote imaging specialist.